Product Description:  Full Height Turnstile is designed to operate with a microprocessor control. Works two-ways. Allows only one access per permission. Standard TTL data output is provided in the direction of access. Digital entry-log output can be displayed on the display screen or sent directly to the PC of a PC- controlled system. In case of tag heuer replica power outage, system automatically switches to the two-way free access mode. LED displays available on both directions clearly indicate access status and whether the turnstile is ready for access or not. Flashing �green arrow� in the direction of entry means turnstile is ready for entry. When access permission (via card reading, operator authorization etc) is granted, the �green arrow� permanently lights up. Entry must be completed within the watches replica swiss limits of preset access execution time. Accompanying audio warning signal denotes that access permission is granted.

Technical Specifications:  ELECTRONIC CONTROL Main Control Card<br><br>By design, microcontroller based main control board is managed by 16F627 processor by Microchip. All decision and control processes are managed by the processor. Control of right and left ratchet solenoids is achieved by the main control card. Proximity sensors are used for detection of the end point of the rotational arm motion. Proximity sensors are also guided by the main control card. Incoming external dry contact information in both directions is also collected by the main control card for processing. Upon entry, two separate �access info� output is produced for each direction on TTL level. Feedback for access control displays and regulation in both directions are also realized via main control card. Access authorizations are initiated thru external dry contact.<br><br>Access Displays<br><br>Access displays are installed under protective plexiglass on both sides of the turnstile cover. Colored and transparent LEDs mounted on the electronic board makes up the displays. The preference of LEDs in displays is to provide easy detection of signs under all possible conditions. Illuminated three- level display governs access control and order of the system. If the turnstile is ready for entry, a green arrow flashes. Upon permission of entry, green arrow lights up permanently. While entry is in progress in one direction, red �X� sign indicating blocked entry appears on the opposite direction.<br><br>Time Setting<br><br>Once the turnstile is activated, entry must be completed before the preset access execution time expires. If preset time expires before entry, the turnstile will automatically lock itself and block access. Entry timer can be reset by adjusting the VR1 trimpot on the main card. By turning VR1 unit to the right with the help of a screwdriver will allow entry time to be compressed,<a href="">replique montre</a> to the replica watches cheap sale left it will be prolonged. Adjustable entry timer can be set between 2 and 30 seconds. Standard entry time for Full Height Turnstiles is 10 seconds which is set during production.<br><a href=""></a><br>