Product Description:  Turnstile is designed to maintain access control to industrial and office facilities, banks, shops, transport terminals, etc.

High throughput capacity allows its use for heavy pedestrian traffic.

The turnstile features six operating modes set from the remote control panel and is intended for best replica watches bi-directional single or multiple passages. Passage can be controlled in either direction.

It consists of a turnstile housing with a built in control logic board (CLB), a top cover with LED directional indicators, a remote control panel and a set of barrier arms.

The turnstile housing is constructed as a sheet metal framework on a frame base with two outer panels.

The top part of the housing contains a rotation mechanism with three barrier arms fixed into a hub and a damper, a self-centering mechanism, a control mechanism with optical arm rotation sensors and a locking device, a mechanical release lock.

The top cover is made radio transparent to allow concealed mounting of readers inside the turnstile housing. The operation zone stands out with a different colour; the read range is up to 80 mm.

Two LED directional indicators with bright pictograms are located on the top cover as standard:

Green Arrow indicates that the turnstile is unlocked to permit a passage and shows the replica rolex uk watches direction of authorised passage;

Red Cross indicates that passage is not allowed and shows that the turnstile remains in locked status. rolex pas cher

Technical Specifications:  Technical Characteristics :

page1image2816OPERATING VOLT. : 220 V AC� %10, 50 Hz
DIMENSIONS : 280 x 965 x 1120mm (With tripod arms)
page1image12976WEIGHT : 75 kgs.
page1image18368BODY : Available both AISI 304 Stainless Steal
page1image24088OPERATING TEMP. : 0o C - +70o C
CROSS BLOCKING : tripod arms with 120o distance
page1image34784CROSS DIRECTION : 2 directions in/out
CROSS INDICATOR : Led indicator for both ways(green ok, red x)  
page1image45920MOUNTING : Easy to mount by the mounting tool
OPTIONAL : Antipanic breaking arms group fake omega watches
page1image56656CONTROL UNIT : Electronic Control Unit
page1image62120POWER SUPPLY : 12VDC � 5 VDC 75Watts