Product Description:  Parky Series QUIKO parking systems unite simplicity of use with the last technologies in regards to automation. parky allows both the widest freedom of implementation as well as development both functionality and composition; it is always possible to add elements during installation and also later.

The technology depends on the selected model: barcode with thermal printing or magnetic coding with impact printing. all swiss replica watches  of the external devices have multilingual retro- illuminated display for communicating with the user. another important feature of this innovative system is its easy maintenance: there is only one interchangeable control unit between automatic cashier, entrance and exit pillars. The construction materials are either stainless steel or galvanized steel (depending on the model) and are guaranteed to last over time.

Technical Specifications: 

  • QK-PYCB With barcode tickets system & With manual payment station
  • QK-PYMA With magnetic tickets system & With manual payment station
  •  QK-PYCBAUT With barcode tickets system & With automatic payment station
  • QK-PYMAAUT With magnetic tickets system & With automatic payment station