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Designed to automate and protect: here is the motto that QUIKO used to create the ICARUS, PARKY and CENTURION product ranges. Each of them offering a specific solution in the management of parking and air max uk urban area management.

Automatic Barrier. ICARUS constitutes a full line of automated barriers, including both high speed and intensive commercial use models. A backup battery system is also available for the low voltage models of the ICARUS series. Although ICARUS automatic barriers can be used as security barriers, the recommended solution to protect urban areas, private properties or public buildings against terrorism or undesired visitors is represented by CENTURION, the ultimate collection of QUIKO high security automatic bollards.

Automatic Bollards. CENTURION represents the replica watches For Men ultimate security barrier. Each one of our rising bollards has been designed and tested to resist high impact forces and work smoothly yet reliably in all environmental conditions. 

Automatic Parking System. PARKY is a complete and panerai replica watches professional solution for parking management: equipment offered includes automatic payment with automated entry and cheap nike online uk exit stations,replicas relojes being just some of the hundreds of possible configurations that you can have with QUIKO to create your own parking system.

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Date: 01-01-2016
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